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The fitness world is full of confusing jargon and conflicting opinions, so who can you count on for simple, honest, and effective advice? Just check in with Simon Mitchell, your favourite online coach for the answers to those burning questions on all things Muscle, Mindset, & Meal Prep.

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Aug 16, 2017

Tired of not making progress with your chest development? Confused about what the right approach is and what you should be doing in the gym?

In this edition of the podcast, I’m guiding you through my tried and tested approach that is simple, and yet delivers fantastic results.

This podcast has everything you need to...

Aug 1, 2017

Intermittent Fasting is yet another fitness / nutrition topic that creates confusion for a lot of people. What the hell is it? Does it work? Should you be doing it? Is it dangerous?

All of these questions are common around this topic. So in this episode of the podcast you'll get the answers to every single one of those...