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The fitness world is full of confusing jargon and conflicting opinions, so who can you count on for simple, honest, and effective advice? Just check in with Simon Mitchell, your favourite online coach for the answers to those burning questions on all things Muscle, Mindset, & Meal Prep.

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Mar 22, 2017

In this Podcast we're talking about all those bad habits you've formed over the years and have become ingrained in your day to day life.  Are you a slave to certain habits that are taking you off track?  Maybe you reach for that tub of Ben & Jerry's every time you feel a little down.  Or is that all your friends go for bacon sandwiches every morning for breakfast?  Whatever your habits are they could be the reason you are going off track and not succeeding in achieving your fitness goals.

This is why you need to understand more about the concept of Triggers and Habits and the Habit Loop.  I'll guide you through how to properly analyse your own behaviour and give you practical advice you can put into action right away.

Take control and start to form great habits that will last a lifetime.

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